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    Chevy Bolt Forum 2nd Recall

    If you have have received the first letter from GM for the Bolt recall (some 2017's & 2019's) you can expect a 2nd recall coming. The 1st recall fix -- software update -- may not be enough. Today is a WFJ article & hope the link works...
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    Chevy Bolt Forum Fires on "fixed" Bolts (recall)

    Here is a WSJ Article on 2 fires on Bolts that had been "fixed" regarding recall Click Here
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    Chevy Bolt Forum Bolt 2017 First Design Battery vs Second Design Battery

    Here is what the Dealer said about the Recall today: The dealership should be reaching out to you in the near future to discus the loaner vehicle. I did want to give you an update as well about the final fix on the recall. A team of GM engineers has made substantial progress in identifying the...
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    Chevy Bolt Forum Bolt 2017 First Design Battery vs Second Design Battery

    RE: 2017 BOLT: Is this current recall related to the "First Design Battery"? I post the WebAuto video here posting the concern over the "First Design Battery". I got the recall notice (NHTSA Recall #20v701 and manufacturer Recall# N202311730) AND I also determined that I have a "First Design...
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    Chevy Bolt Forum Bolt 2017 First Design Battery vs Second Design Battery

    I purchased my 2017 Bolt in August of 2019. It now has 50K miles and I drive about 6K miles per year. I do not know the maintenance history, if any. Now I am trying to figure out if I have a "first design battery" or a "second design battery". According to my VIN # it appears I have a first...
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    Chevy Bolt Forum Transmission Flush

    I went to Titus Will Chevy(Olympia, WA) on 10/23/20 to have my 2017 Bolt serviced. (I purchased it in 2019; has 50K miles & I drive 6K miles a year) I brought a list of items to check. However, the first thing intake person asked was for me to have the following 3 things done: Coolant Flush...
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    Chevy Bolt Forum Bolt Software Updates

    Well I found the answer to one of the questions I posed: RE: Software Motor Update Report at Chevy Dealer, produces a report, referencing codes. What do the codes mean? I was able to access the website to find out:-Click here: TIS For the Software Report for A11, when I selected "Complete...
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    Chevy Bolt Forum Bolt Software Updates

    Re: 2017 Bolt EV (5DR HB PREMIER). Does anyone know how to "read" a motor software update report? A lot of the pages say "Action Blocked". Is there a chart that explains the designations, e.g., K56, etc It cost me $296 to get this attached software update at the Titus-Will Chevy Dealer (Olympia...