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    Chevy Bolt Forum Software glitches

    I love my Bolt but my Bolt touchscreen display is starting to act like an old windows PC. It is slow to boot up and sometimes remains frozen on the initialization screen for the entire drive, which means that I have no control over the radio or climate controls among other things. Turning the...
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    Chevy Bolt Forum Noisy cooling pump

    With the advent of hot weather, the battery cooling cooling pump (?) seems to be making a lot of noise when the car is charging. Also, I am noticing a lot of heat coming from the battery area. It sounds and feels like there is an internal combustion engine idling when the car is charging. Is...
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    Chevy Bolt Forum Road Trip

    I am making my first long road trip in my Bolt and I am interested in any tips on places to charge, routes, etc. I am tentatively planning to drive from Charlotte to Philadelphia via I85 and I95. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk